Sarasota County honors Extension, other volunteers

In celebrating National Volunteer Week (April 16-22), UF/IFAS Extension Sarasota County thanks it’s 255 volunteers.  Throughout the 2022 fiscal year, Extension volunteers gave 13,042 hours of service worth $390,615 in labor to the residents of Sarasota County.

group of volunteers and staff members after receiving sarasota county honors for their efforts. [credit: sarasota county government]
A selection of Sarasota County Extension volunteers and staff (l-r) honored recently by Sarasota County: Dorothe Patterson, Karen Geis, Garth Sutton, Ashley Ellis, Suzanne Teicher, Devin Beede. [credit: Sarasota County Government]

On March 21, the Sarasota County Commission recognized Sarasota County volunteers for their efforts in the 2022 fiscal year. For this event, county department staff selected a group of volunteers to represent all county volunteers and the volunteers recognized from the Extension included:

  • Nicole Bartell
  • Karen Boyd
  • Dorothe Patterson
  • Garth Sutton
  •  Suzanne Teicher

Our volunteers assisted Extension staff with providing education and outreach around Sarasota County. A few of their activities included:

  • Master Gardener Volunteers answered plant and landscape questions at the Twin Lakes Park Extension office and Sarasota County Libraries. Throughout the County, they maintained gardens at the Extension office and Sarasota County libraries and parks. They also worked with Extension water resources staff in providing irrigation evaluations to the residents of Sarasota County.
  • Sustainability Energy Upgrade volunteers provided much needed energy evaluations to save money for our lower income residents in Sarasota County. They also provided energy-savings kits and information at outreach events in the County.
  • 4-H volunteers helped staff in providing guidance and encouragement to 4-H youth throughout the 2022 and for another outstanding fair season.

The Extension staff thanks our wonderful volunteers!


Posted: April 17, 2023

Category: 4-H & Youth, Community Volunteers, Conservation, Home Landscapes
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