Curbside collection tips: eliminating curbside confusion on collection day

Do you ever have items that accumulate in your garage or home because you don’t know how to dispose of them? This is not an uncommon issue. It is never a good thing to throw items in the garbage if you don’t know what kind of harm they can do or if it’s legal to do so. Many of those questionable items can leak toxic substances that leach into the ground and have the potential to contaminate our soil and/or ground water. Other items may pose a direct danger to humans or wildlife if mingled in with the garbage. To help minimize the confusion, here are a few tips regarding unincorporated Sarasota County’s curbside waste program- a sampling of items can and cannot go curbside on collection day.

Items to go curbside (placed next to your garbage can on collection day):
  • Appliances and electronics –including computer monitors and TVs (less than 40lbs.)*.
    • *Pickup request for electronics must be made 3 business days in advance of scheduled collection date. Call Waste Management at (941) 493-4100.
  • Automotive tires – limit of 4 tires/week
  • Used motor oil – must be capped and labeled “Used Oil” (limit 5 gallons/week)
  • Used motor oil filters – must be in a sealed, clear plastic bag (limit 5 filters/week)
  • Bulk items – including, but not limited to furniture, bathroom fixtures, BBQ grills, and push lawnmowers
  • Carpet – Cut in pieces less than 4’ lengths, less than 40 lbs, rolled and tied or folded and tied
  • Mattresses – King size mattress & box springs as well as sofa beds must be scheduled for pick up by calling Waste Management at (941) 493-4100. All other sizes can be place curbside without calling for a pickup request
Items that can go directly into the garbage:
  • Dry paint cans without the lids tight on the can
  • Alkaline batteries (AAA, D, AA, etc.)
Items PROHIBITED from being placed in the garbage OR curbside:
  • Needles, lancets, sharps – Call Department of Health at (941) 861-6133 for free container and disposal program information. NEVER place these items in the garbage or recycling!
  • Expired or unused medications – Collection boxes located at sheriff offices around the county – call local sheriff or police department to find location nearest to you. DO NOT dispose of these items down the toilet or the sink as they can harm the environment and wildlife.
  • Rechargeable batteries – May be taken to Lowes, Home Depot, Batteries Plus and Radio Shack.
  • Fluorescent lamps – Home Depot and Lowes in Sarasota County are able to take these items as well.

For unincorporated Sarasota County residents, visit for more information on recycling and curbside waste program. Residents who live in a city or town should contact their municipality for curbside waste program information. Remember, regardless of where you live, never place hazardous waste products in your trash. They need to be disposed of properly for the safety and protection of our residents, wildlife, and the environment.


Posted: November 21, 2017

Category: Conservation, Home Management, Work & Life
Tags: Curbside Collection, Pgm_Chemicals, Recycle, UF/IFAS Extension

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