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Which Turf Should I Choose?

Some times the lawn just gets away from us.  It can be completely invaded by weeds or have a devastating disease or insect pest cause total destruction.  If your lawn is problem prone there are many cultural practices that can be modified to ensure a successful lawn, but sometimes the lawn is in need of a fresh start and needs to be completely reestablished.  If over 50% of the lawn is undesirable  than it is time to take action to develop better lawn.

What are the factors that may have caused your lawn to decline so badly?  Well here are some common problems that may need to  be overcome as you move your lawn into its new era:

Contact your local UF/IFAS Extension Agent for lawn recommendations, Photo Credit: Blake Thaxton

Contact your local UF/IFAS Extension Agent for lawn recommendations, Photo Credit: Blake Thaxton

As a new lawn is established, correcting these problems will help to ensure the investment will be better taken care of in the future.

Which turf should I choose for my next lawn?  Try to answer these questions before you decide:

  • How much maintenance can I provide?
  • What do I expect aesthetically?
  • Are there any site limitations ?

Here is a publication from Alabama Cooperative Extension to help you choose the correct turfgrass for your next lawn: Selecting Turfgrasses for Home Lawns (while looking at the tables use the South adaptation for the Florida panhandle)

Once the turfgrass type has been chosen, a variety must be chosen.  Here are some recommendations:

  • Centipede – ‘Common’
  • Zoysia – ‘Empire’, ‘UltimateFlora’, ‘El Toro’
  • St. Augustine – ‘Palmetto’, ‘Classic’

Get more information on Lawn Management in the Florida Lawn Handbook

2 Comments on “Which Turf Should I Choose?

  1. Hi Blake. Thanks for the article. My lawn is the pits. One big sand pit. this past early summer i removed our above ground pool that we put in some 20+ years ago. All that has grown is plants with leaves. nothing with a blade. This past fall I broad cast rye grass that has come up. but not seeded as yet. I have a long tradition of not mowing the lawn before Easter so I have places to hide Easter Eggs for the kids.
    Will get soil samples to the Ext. Office today.

    Incidentally. I have approx 3 acres fenced and cross fence on the front of my place which I have one acre that I will be planting Sun Hemp the end of April. It was a beautiful yellow this past fall and my goats loved it. Will try to set up to see if it will product a honey crop as claimed by some. Currently I do not make any honey crop even for winter surplus here at my place. After the Spring Titi bloom goes to seed that is it for the bee’s.

    Know anyone looking to buy a farm. We are zoned Agricultural, 3 acres fenced, 7 miles from a grocery store.

    • Doug, Hope things are going well for you. I will keep in mind your farm. Occasionally people ask me about farm land. Where are you moving?

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