Florida Waters Stewardship Program (Polk County)

Have you ever wondered about the intricate ways we interact with water?

Water plays a crucial role in our daily lives, from the water we drink to the landscapes we admire. It shapes our environment, our culture, and our future.


Typically, water stewardship is a practice that involves community, government, and personal efforts. It’s about understanding the sources of water and how each one of us can make a difference in conserving and protecting this vital resource. The concept takes on even greater significance in Florida, a place surrounded by beautiful water bodies.

Water stewardship is an experience that fosters not only understanding but also appreciation. And now, you have the opportunity to dive deep into this subject with the Florida Waters Stewardship Program 2023, titled “Working With Water, Working With People.”

Join us in Polk County for this immersive seven-session program!

The Natural Resources and Conservation program is thrilled to invite you to an engaging, interactive program spread across 14 weeks, right in the heart of Polk County. Discover the laws, tools, and future challenges of water stewardship and experience it like never before.

The instructor for this class is Shannon Carnevale, Polk’s Natural Resources and Conservation Extension Agent. Shannon will be joined by local experts at each session’s host location to share the story of water in Florida, and locally, in Polk County.

Program Details:

Do I need prior knowledge or experience?

No! The Florida Waters Stewardship program is designed for anyone who has an interest in water stewardship. Whether you work in public outreach, utilities, land management, parks and recreation, or simply have a passion for water, this program is for you.

What if I cannot afford the program’s registration fee?

Thanks to the generous support of the Southwest Florida Water Management District, we are offering two scholarships. Please apply here: https://go.ufl.edu/jpsscy5

Is this program suitable for professionals who work during the week?

Yes! The Florida Waters Stewardship Program is designed to accommodate professionals working in public outreach, water resources, utilities, land management, volunteer organizations, parks, and recreation. It’s an excellent opportunity for professional development or continuing education for many professions.

The program consists of seven sessions across approximately 14 weeks, each held during regular business hours, and is one half-day every other week.

If you need additional information for your supervisor or Human Resources department, we’re happy to provide the details you need. The course’s structure and schedule make it an ideal choice for those seeking to expand their expertise without disrupting their regular work schedule.

What will participants learn?

Participants will gain a profound understanding of:

  • Watershed basics, stewardship, and leadership
  • Changing waterscapes and handling complex issues
  • Future water supply considerations and emerging challenges
  • Communication techniques and partnership building
  • Implementing community stewardship projects

Participants will engage in:

  • Expert-led presentations and field experiences
  • Group discussions and guest speakers’ insights
  • Networking opportunities with fellow water enthusiasts
  • A celebratory graduation session with a certificate of completion

Who should attend?

Water stewardship is a concept that resonates with everyone. From professionals in the field to volunteer organizations, this course is tailored for those who want to make a difference. Youth (14+ years) can also register with a parent or guardian.

Embark on this fascinating journey with water and become a steward in your community. Register today and take part in a program that combines education, engagement, and excitement.

Who do I contact for more information?

For more information about this course, please contact Shannon Carnevale at 863-519-1051 or via email at scarnevale@ufl.edu.

Interested in this program, but can’t commit to the schedule at this time?

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Posted: August 5, 2023

Event Details

Start:  13-Sep-2023 at 9:30 am
End:  06-Dec-2023 at 12:30 pm

Event Series Details:  Not available
Contact:  scarnevale@ufl.edu
Event Link:  More information and registration
Event Location:  UF/IFAS Extension Polk County, South Holland Parkway, Bartow, FL, USA

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