Lichen: A New Episode from Your Central Florida Yard

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Lichens, what are those?

In this episode of Your Central Florid Yard, learn how to recognize lichens in the landscape and what exactly lichen are doing on your tree or even a garden bench or fence post.

A new episode out now from Your Central Florida Yard

Your Central Florida Yard, a podcast from UF/IFAS Extension Polk County has a new episode on lichen. Listen to it on Spotify (below) or where ever you listen to podcasts.


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Your garden checklist

For this episode get outside and see if you can spot any lichens in your yard.  Remember, when you see them in the garden, whether on a tree branch or garden bench, lichens are not harmful to the plants they are found on and actually benefit us by absorbing pollutants in the air. Take a closer look and you will start to notice the different forms, colors, and sizes as well. Learn to love your lichens!

Learn moreGreen lichen on tree branches in the garden

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Posted: January 12, 2024

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