Cane Toads: A Toxic Threat to Family Pets

Join UF/IFAS Extension Faculty, Shannon Carnevale, to learn about cane toads in Florida, with a 1-hr webinar.

About this cane toad webinar

Invasive species, like cane toads, are species that (a) are nonnative to a specified geographic area, (b) were introduced by humans (intentionally or unintentionally), and (c) does or can cause environmental or economic harm or harm to humans.

Cane toads, also known as bufo toads, can:

  1. cause illness or death if eaten by pets
  2. cause skin or eye irritation to humans

At this webinar, participants will learn:

  1. how to identify cane toads and their native lookalikes
  2. the impact of invasive amphibians to Polk County and our ecosystems
  3. how to humanely euthanize and remove invasive amphibians from your community

How Do I Register?

Register here:

This webinar is provided at no cost to participants.

Is this webinar appropriate for youth?

This webinar is designed for adult learners, but the material should be okay for youth learners if a parent or guardian participates with them.

As a reminder, this webinar will discuss euthanization (albeit, not in a graphic way) so this topic may not be appropriate for all youth. Please use your discretion as a parent or guardian.


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CANE TOAD WEBINAR: August 24, no charge to participants. Register at:


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Posted: August 12, 2022

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