“American White Pelicans: Florida’s Other Snowbird” a New Episode from Naturally Florida!

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American white pelicans are one of the largest birds in North America with wingspans up to 9.5 feet across. These majestic birds migrate to Florida for winter feeding grounds, before retreating north and west for the breeding season.
Floridians may see these snowy white cousins of the year-round resident brown pelican, feeding in shallow water or soaring across the sky in silent flying V’s.

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New Episode from Naturally Florida

Naturally Florida (a podcast about Florida’s natural areas and the wild things that live here) recently released a new episode about American White Pelicans. In this episode, we explore the biology and behavior of American white pelicans during their time in Florida, where you might see them, where they migrate from, and what they look like.

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How You Can Help:

Don’t feed Florida’s waterbirds.

Don’t scare a flock into flight while enjoying Florida’s waterways

  • American White Pelicans are very shy compared to other water birds. Harassment of their flocks may lead them to abandon a feeding area, increasing their risk of exhaustion or starvation during their migration. So, consider avoiding flocks you may encounter on our beautiful waterways, give them a wide berth.

Encourage your local government to support the protection and restoration of Florida’s wetlands and waterways

  • American white pelicans and other migratory waterbirds in Florida, such as ducks, depend on healthy aquatic ecosystems with ample vegetation, prey items, and good water quality.

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