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Have you ever wanted a podcast to help you learn about natural resources right here in Florida? A podcast that isn’t just about birds or just about Florida’s hiking trails, but about it all!? Look no further than Naturally Florida, a new podcast recently launched by yours truly and my colleague, Shannon Carnevale in Polk County.

A podcast about Florida’s natural areas and the wild things that live here

We are super excited to share this new resource, especially in today’s fast-paced world where sometimes the only time we can learn is on-the-go. Naturally Florida is for those interested in learning about Florida’s ecosystems, wildlife, water resource, plants, and more! It will be available on most major podcast platforms.

About The Podcast:

Information shared on the podcast will be Florida-specific, research-based, and conversational in nature. Listeners are encouraged to submit questions or topic suggestions online at: New episodes will be available monthly when we will explore wildlife species, relevant natural resource issues, Florida’s unique ecosystems, and listener-suggested topics. Each 15-20 minute episode will include ways listeners can help support our natural resources to make a positive impact on Florida’s environment.

Listen Now:

To hear podcast episodes, interested listeners can subscribe on their favorite podcast platform by searching for “Naturally Florida”. Episodes already available for download include:

  • Episode 1: “Lara’s Favorite Species – The Green Anole” Learn all about Florida’s native green anole (pronounced “uh-noles”), and their nonnative look-alike, the brown anole.
  • Episode 2: “Where does rain go after it falls?” In this episode, Shannon and Lara explore the journey of rainwater and what happens to it after it hits the ground.
  • Episode 3: “Wait, we have fireflies in Florida?” This episode features Florida’s fireflies, their basic biology, where to go to see them, and habitat requirements.

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For more information about the podcast, please visit

Happy Learning!


lara milligan
Posted: June 30, 2021

Category: Natural Resources
Tags: Lmilligan, Nature, Podcast

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