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Summer awaits you with Florida 4-H Adventures

Navigating the New Normal

The year 2020 has not been what we consider a normal year and we are all having to acclimate to this new normal. Humans are social beings and this pandemic has socially distanced us for over 8 weeks, making us realize how dependent we are on each other and the need of a community to live and thrive. We have seen some incredible ways of how people and institutions have stepped up and are tirelessly finding ways of serving their people and communities. Now that we have socially distanced for quite some time, can you imagine going through this pandemic without Internet or devices to access the virtual world? Those of us who have the means and access to the virtual world are blessed as we are still able to connect with our loved ones, continue having access to learning and a means of staying entertained.

Since the world shut down, you have seen how quickly educators have stepped up to this new challenge of going virtual by creating and offering camps, workshops, activities and much more to keep our youth engaged. Florida 4-H is no exception to that,  across the state we have been working hard to create fun and educational virtual summer adventures for our youth  ages 5-18 years. We understand that summer just isn’t summer without 4-H camps, state events and national contests.But we have the next best thing for you under the current circumstances- we have a diverse array of offerings for you to choose from.

4-H Adventures offered by Polk, Pasco and Clay County

Polk County, in partnership with Pasco and Clay County, is thrilled to offer four virtual adventures to youth, ages 8-13 years. These 4-H adventures are not limited to 4-H members but are open to ALL youth ages 8-13. These four adventures are set up to be completed at the pace of your choosing and can be done with your family, friends or even a 4-H club. They will remain available to participants throughout the summer. Each adventure will have six sessions and each of those sessions will have four main parts: introductory videos about each topic, an activity for you to complete at home, a section to report back the results of the activity, and a dive deeper section, with more videos or activities related to the topic. Our four adventures are:

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  • The Astronomy 4-H Adventure begins June 8 where you will learn about constellations, the moon, the solar system, asteroids and explore the space with some great hands on learning opportunities.
  • The Culture through Cuisine 4-H Adventure begins June 22 where you will develop an understanding and appreciation of other cultures by identifying foods from around the world, explore similarities and differences of foods with other cultures, factors that determine the style of cooking, learn about recipes of new foods from other cultures and much more!
  • The Florida Wildlife 4-H Adventure begins July 6 and you will dive deep into a few of our native wildlife species and their relatives around the world through hands on activities like scavenger hunts, bird watching, science experiments and more as you learn all about the creatures that swim, soar and crawl all around us!
  • The 4-H Wild Adventure begins July 20 and you will focus on developing skills to survive in the wild. Like many, you might consider not being able to learn survival skills from the computer, however, throughout the duration of the adventure, we will work with you to show you some basic survival skills, like shelters, water purification, fire building, GPS and orienteering.
Exciting Opportunity

For these four adventures  we have something special in store for you. We will be doing a drawing for $25 Amazon® gift card. To enter the drawing all you need to do is participate in  the virtual adventure. For each session there is a report results section which are based off the activities that go along with those sessions. So, for each report results section you that complete, you will receive one entry for the gift card. For each of our virtual adventures, the drawing will take place after the camp sessions start and for exact date of when the drawing will take place, including the time, you should be able to find it once you join our sessions.

There are a few stipulations to this

  • The youth must live within the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, to be eligible for the drawing.
  • You must have completed the registration form for our virtual adventure which means if you received an email with the link to our google site, you’ve completed the registration.
  • Make sure you type your name in the report result section and click the submit button so that we know you completed the activity.
Florida 4-H Adventures

In addition to the four adventures mentioned, Florida 4-H program is offering an adventure of a lifetime by providing 41 other 4-H adventures this summer. They are categorized based on the age groups. Each youth needs to be registered individually but you can choose multiple adventures in one registration form. For program details and registration visit  Florida 4-H website.

The Summer awaits you with 4-H Adventures!


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