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Planting a Cutting Garden

Do you often walk around your yard looking for beautiful blooms and foliage to bring indoors?  Have you ever considered planting a cutting garden? We have some suggestions for you!

Florida-Friendly Plants Make Great Arrangements

Native plants, particularly wildflowers, offer beautiful (and sometimes unusual) blooms that make great cut flowers.  If you have a pollinator garden, many of these plants are the same, but refrain from cutting those.  Plant more to cut in another part of your yard or plant 2-3 extra when you add a new plant to your pollinator garden.

Here are a few native plants that grow well in most central Florida yards:

  • Florida native BLOOMS: Starry rosinweed, tropical sage, black-eyed Susan, gaillardia, coreopsis, aster varieties, liatris, coneflower, beautyberry
  • Florida native FOLIAGE: Coontie cycad, ferns, saw palmetto, holly

There are many non-native plants that grow beautiful flowers and foliage for cutting and keeping in a vase.  These plants are great additions to your landscape or can be planted in your cutting garden alone.  Look for interesting foliage on plants, but be cautious, many tropical foliage plants can be susceptible to cool/cold temperatures in the winter.  Also, make sure that you do not choose a plant found as invasive by the UF/IFAS Assessment.

Salvia and Sweet Almond Bush Cut Flower Arrangement

  • Florida-friendly non-native BLOOMS: Camellia, hibiscus, gardenia, coleus, daylilies, Gerbera daisy, pentas, shrimp plant, Mexican sage and other salvia varieties, allamanda, begonia, vinca, zinnia, and many more.
  • Florida-friendly non-native FOLIAGE:holly, loropetalum, bird of paradise, herbs such as dill, basil and mint.

A cutting garden beautifies your yard as well as your home.  If you follow the right plant, right place principle, the plants grown in the cutting garden will be low maintenance.  Get creative and plant for a burst of color.  Share your bouquets with friends and family that are sure to appreciate the unique and gorgeous colors from a central Florida cutting garden.


8 Comments on “Planting a Cutting Garden

  1. Just moved here from NE and my soil is sandy. Would a raised bed with added soil make sense?

  2. Loved the article, but need to know which plants are evergeen and which are deciduous

    • Camellia, hibiscus, gardenia, allamanda, holly, loropetalum, bird of paradise are all evergreen shrubs
      Perennials (deciduous) coleus, daylilies, Gerbera daisy, pentas, shrimp plant, Mexican sage and other salvia varieties, begonia, vinca, zinnia, herbs such as dill, basil and mint.

  3. Is fall still a good time to plant cut flowers in zone 9b? Should I wait for spring?