Integrated Pest Management Update

Integrated Pest Management Update
Wednesday, March 4, 2009
Below are the handouts from the presentations

How to Make Bio-Control Work in the Landscape – Steven Arthurs, Ph.D., UF/IFAS
Methods to encourage natural pest control on ornamentals through conservation of indigenous beneficial arthropods and also how to use commercially purchased insect biological control agents on ornamentals

Scouting and Problem Diagnosis for Landscapes – Geoff Denny, Ph.D, UF/IFAS
This talk will cover the basics of IPM scouting in a landscape, including determining the cause of landscape problems

Diseases – Phil Harmon, Ph.D., UF/IFAS
“Fungicide products for landscape disease management.”
10 min on current disease issues and 10 min on utilizing new fungicides effectively and efficiently.

Insects – Eileen Buss, Ph.D. , UF/IFAS
The biology and current management options for several new invasive ornamental plant pests (e.g., fig whitefly, red palm mite, etc.).

Nematodes – Eric Luc, M.S., UF/IFAS
“Current and new diagnosis and management strategies for plant-parasitic nematodes in Florida’s landscapes.” 10 minutes on diagnosis and sampling, and 10 minutes on current and upcoming nematode management strategies.

Weeds – Robert Stamps, Ph.D., UF/IFAS
Information about two “new” invasive and noxious weeds in Central Florida. Characteristics of three new herbicides for use in Florida landscapes.

Palm Diseases – Monica Elliot, Ph.D., UF/IFAS
Characteristics of the new disease Texas Phoenix palm decline and the phytoplasma that causes this disease.Useful Palm Books and Websites

Soil Health – Amy Shober, Ph.D., UF/IFAS
Identify urban soil issues that may impact soil biology and the maintenance of ornamentals and turf in the landscape. Strategies to overcome these problems will also be discussed.


Posted: March 3, 2009

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