Chainsaws post hurricane

Hurricane season is officially upon us here in Florida. June 1st – October.

There is a lot to do to prepare for the storms that may or may not come. In this post, we are going to talk about using chainsaws post-storm.

Post hurricane there may be trees down that need to be cut and disposed of. Most of this work is done via chainsaw. Chainsaws can make light work of the heavy-duty task of clearing trees from the storm. It is essential to practice safety when working with a chainsaw, they are useful but dangerous tools. Be sure to get proper training in person on how to use a chainsaw for best results.

First,  wear the proper protective gear before starting the saw.
Gear includes:
A helmet
Face shield or goggles
Ear protection
Chainsaw chaps

Sturdy / steel-toe boots

Be sure to inspect the saw regularly, look for chain tension, make sure it is sharpened, and check your oil and fuel levels. A properly working saw will help to keep you safe.
To start a chainsaw safely you want to make sure that you have it on the ground for more stability. Engage the chain brake; this prevents the chain from moving during startup. And finally, ensure that it is steady by using your foot to secure it. Do not start the saw while holding it in the air or on an unstable surface. Stay alert of your surroundings and be sure to take frequent breaks to avoid fatigue.

Use proper cutting techniques like positioning yourself to the side to avoid kickback. Kickback happens when the nose of the chainsaw comes in contact with an object, causing the saw to jerk backward towards the user. This can cause a major injury, to avoid this, be sure to avoid cutting using only the tip, have a chain brake, and maintain a firm grip. Be sure to make sure your work area is clear of obstruction, and no trip hazards or slippery surfaces. Bend your knees and keep your stance balanced with two feet on the ground at all times.
Most importantly avoid working alone if possible. It’s best to have someone else present in case of an accident. If you have to work alone be sure to tell someone your location, have a mobile phone or radio and an easy escape route.

In conclusion practice safety first when using a chainsaw, be sure your working conditions are safe, inspect your saw before using, take breaks frequently, and be aware of your surroundings at all times.



Posted: June 5, 2024

Category: Disaster Preparation, HOME LANDSCAPES, Horticulture, UF/IFAS Extension
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