What you need to know about the Fertilizer Management Ordinance in Osceola County

The Osceola County Fertilizer Management Ordinance may appear to be complex from first glance, but the document holds viable information for commercial agriculture operations and a home owners in the county when it comes to fertilizing within the laws.

Goals of the Ordinance:

Reduction of non-point source pollution to our waterways. Proper use of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers and preserve our beautiful county.


Where it applies:

All landscape areas, including plants, trees and turfgrass.

Key parts:

Seasonal Restrictions:

  • No application of fertilizer during watches and warning of tropical storms and hurricanes or times of heavy rainfall.

All year:

  • 3 feet minimum away from lakes and wetlands when using spreaders with a shield. 10 feet when not using a shield.
  • Use proper application rates and methods; slow release is encouraged to minimize runoff chances.
  • Creation of buffer zone near water bodies
  • Education: Required training and certification of professionals per the UF/IFAS Green Industries Best Management Practices program. (Visit your county Extension office.)


  • New landscaping: only allowed 30 days to establish.
  • Lawncare chemical applications (follow GI-BMP)
  • Irrigation repairs (follow GI-BMP)
    • Watering by hand with shut-off nozzle.
  • Usage of other irrigation sources; Well water, stormwater retention ponds, rivers.


Follow the proper channels to ensure you are within the law.


This ordinance is a major step to protect our environment and water resources that we depend on daily. By becoming educated and certified before applying fertilizers you will help to minimize water pollution and preserve Osceola County for centuries to come.


We offer courses in our Green Industries Best Management Practices  or GI-BMP  at your local county office, where the ordinance is discussed and questions can be answered.- follow the link below to find a class near you.



Posted: June 20, 2023

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