2021 Market Animal Shows and Sales

The Osceola County Fair is here! The Kissimmee Valley Livestock Show and Osceola County Fair is held February 12-21st. The Osceola County Fair is a great place to come out and support Osceola County 4-H and FFA members who work very hard all year to raise and show market animals. The market animal program will assist youth in learning about animal production and management, animal health, animal nutrition, record keeping, and responsibility. Purchasing a market animal from a 4-H or FFA members allows them to save the money they earn for various purposes, such as college, to buy a new car, or to put money away to help purchase their future market animals. If you are interested in purchasing locally raised meat don’t miss out on an opportunity to fill your freezer and help support the future of agriculture.

Market Animal Show & Sale Dates:

*All shows and sales are held at Kissimmee Valley Livestock Arena*

This year viewers and buyers have the opportunity to view and purchase online at www.osceolacountyfair.com. Once on the website click Cattle in Motion to view a livestream of the shows and sales.

February 12th 2021

Market Goat Show 4:30pm

Market Hog Show 6:30pm


February 13th 2021

Market Goat Sale 5:30 pm

Market Hog Sale (after goat sale)


February 18th 2021

Market Steer Show 6:30 pm


February 19th 2021

Market Lamb Show 6:00 pm


February 20th 2021

Market Lamb Sale 4:30pm

Market Steer Sale (after lamb sale)

If you are interested in becoming a buyer or have questions please contact Kissimmee Valley Livestock Show or visit their website www.osceolacounytfair.com



Posted: February 12, 2021

Category: 4-H & Youth, Agriculture, Livestock
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