Arid Plant care

So before we start what is an arid plant and why do we care ?

Arid Plants according to Merriam-Webster are ” or a Desert Plant is a  plant suited to the environment of arid regions of little rainfall that often stores water in its tissues or hollow center and reduces transpiration (plant sweat), by total or seasonal leaflessness or by densely hairy, waxy, varnished, or otherwise modified leaf.(like cactus spines)”

When caring for arid plants, managing humidity levels in the area is necessary. If the humidity in the room is too high, these plants will not survive. They prefer warm dry conditions, like a desert. This does not mean that you should crank your heat to 85 degrees to keep them happy. It just means being sure there is no extra moisture lingering in your home. A dehumidifier could be a great solution to make sure your humidity levels are where you and your plants will be comfortable, with preferred temperatures 68-75 degrees F (20-24 degrees C). 
The best part about caring for arid plants is their lack of maintenance. Nevertheless, all species will require different care. Be sure to read the tag or get the proper name of the plant so that you can research its needs. However, as a rule, watering should only be done monthly, sometimes even less frequent. These plants prefer to keep their soil dry for lengthy periods. They store all the water they need in their plump leaves.
The soil for these plants will also be quite different from the tropical; luckily, now there are premade cacti, African violet, and orchid potting mixes. Alternatively, you can simply make your own with a 2:1 concentration of sand to soil, with the addition of rocks at the bottom of the pot for proper drainage and air circulation.
Overwatering is the main cause of death of arid plants. Be sure to look up and carefully follow the care and maintenance of your arid plants, for the best chance of survival. These plants may be very independent but will still need water monthly or bi-monthly.

Delprince, James M. “Science.” Interior Plantscaping: Principles and Practices, Delmar Cengage Learning, Clifton Park, Ny, 2013, pp. 132–199.


Posted: May 23, 2023

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