Attract Birds to your Yard this Spring

Springtime brings many birds to the Central Florida area. Florida is home to over 500 bird species. We have some species like the Northern Cardinal that live here year-round, while others stopover during the spring as they migrate back north.

To attract birds to your yard, consider adding some native plants – shrubs, flowers, trees that provide food and shelter for our feathered friends. This will not only bring them to your backyard but will help support them. In addition to plants, you can add a source of water to your landscape. Just like us, birds rely on fresh, clean water for survival. You can add a birdbath, a small fountain, or even a simple water dish. However, it’s important to keep the water clean, so change it regularly. Another concern is that standing water can be a breeding ground for mosquitos. To combat mosquitos, add a dripper or fountain to keep the water moving. They can be found online or at a home improvement/gardening store and can be attached to most birdbaths.

Finally, there are some considerations if you wish to add bird feeders to attract more birds. Keep in mind bird feeders provide a snack for birds. Plants and insects are their primary food source, so it is still worthwhile to add native plants to your yard. One of the most important things with bird feeders is to keep the seed and feeder clean and dry. This is especially important if you have bird feeders up during the rainy season. Moisture can harbor diseases that are dangerous for birds. Change and clean the feeders regularly, pick up any dropped seed below, and make use of feeders with a roof.

By incorporating these few additions to your yard, you will attract more birds and help protect them. You’ll be rewarded with the beautiful sight of birds all year round.


Posted: March 11, 2022

Category: Natural Resources, Wildlife
Tags: Birds, Feeder, Landscape, Spring

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