The Orange County 4-H Program Needs You

The Orange County 4-H Program needs you! The most meaningful way that the 4-H Program serves kids across America is through our community clubs. For more than 100 years these clubs have been led by a dedicated army of volunteer adults contributing their time to positively impact the lives of 4-H members. Perhaps you are asking yourself if a 4-H club leader needs special skills or expertise? The truth is the most important trait is the desire to help youth succeed and grow.

Volunteers Make a Difference

Research shows that one of the strongest indicators of youth thriving is the involvement of caring adults in their lives. (Search Institute) The 4-H club model uses 4-H projects as the “spark” to ignite youth motivation. Youth choose projects and curricula that guide them through hands-on activities and challenges to develop mastery. Through project engagement, kids develop life skills that set them on a trajectory to thrive. Adult volunteers support learning, create a sense of belonging, and provide opportunities to practice generosity through community service efforts. Through goal setting, learning, achievement and reflection, youth develop independence and the confidence that they can direct their own path in life. (4-H Essential Elements)

Steps to Get Started

If you are considering taking on this very worthy pursuit, we are here to guide you along every step:

  1. Call or email our office to arrange an introductory meeting to talk about your interest in serving and let us answer all of your questions.
  2. Enroll yourself in 4-H online and complete the required online youth protection training.
  3. The Florida 4-H Program will conduct a full DCF background screening that includes fingerprinting (no cost to you).
  4. While waiting approval, view volunteer training recordings and meet with your 4-H Agent as needed.
  5. Communicate with potential families and recruit youth members in anticipation of first meeting.
  6. Following approval, your club will be eligible to meet to choose a name and create your charter with the 4-H office.
Get Started Today

This is the perfect time to get started. In fact, the 2021-22 4-H year begins today (September 1)! We look forward to speaking with you and sharing all the amazing opportunities available to kids through 4-H participation. By the way, there are also a few great benefits for you as well! (The Benefits of Volunteering)

Please email or call 407-254-9200 to become an Orange County 4-H volunteer.


Posted: August 31, 2021

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