Consider Getting Vaccinated Before the Holiday Season!

Think about the holidays this year and have these dates in mind for peace of mind! I think we all need laughter and hugs, a turkey overdose, and some quality family time together spent yelling at the football game on TV. Before that, maybe you want to mask up with something spooky and enjoy Halloween in your usual haunt?

Whatever you look forward to doing, you probably want to do it while mingling among friends and strangers celebrating the same! Who wants to go into the holidays concerned about every little cough or sniffle that you hear within a mile radius wondering if that cough could make its way to beloved Nana this Thanksgiving? Can we all agree we all want Nana’s Thanksgiving spread this year in its usual buffet line fashion?

Business owners and managers, consider dropping an FYI to your employees that healthy holiday planning might need to start a little bit sooner than usual considering vaccination timelines. On top of that, a vaccine now could result in less down time for illness recovery later. Just some stuff to consider before the happy holiday madness is upon us!

Keep these dates in mind if you would like to be fully vaccinated before the holidays:

Labor Day*—July 26th

Halloween*—September 19th

Thanksgiving*—October 14th

Hanukkah*—October 17th

Christmas*—November 13th

Kwanzaa*—November 14th

New Years Eve*—November 19th

*The above dates assume full immunity 2 weeks after the second shot and 4 weeks between the first and second shot, totaling 42 days after the first shot.

Vaccination Sites

Orange County, Florida has a variety of vaccination opportunities found here:

If you are not from my area in Orange County and you are still interested in learning more, reach out! We are here to help our community of Floridians stay informed. I support YOU.

And please, everyone, prepare a traditional good fortune New Year’s Day meal on 1/1/22, would ya?


Posted: August 2, 2021

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