What are Fair Points?

Fair time is both a magical and stressful time of year for many 4-H’ers. To exhibit animals, youth dedicate countless hours and learn a tremendous amount of life lessons along the way. Raising animals is long-time tradition in 4-H, but over time many youth have only been involved with this activity and are therefore missing out on so many more aspects of the organization. Although we strongly believe in the benefits and life skills gained though animal-based projects, we encourage our youth to explore beyond the barn.

Why do we have “Fair Points”?

Nassau County 4-H Association has implemented a system to ensure that our 4-H members participate in the program year-round.

This system is called “Fair Points”. The purpose of this system is to help youth develop a broad sense of skills, explore other topic areas, have a sense of belonging to all of 4-H, and master other crucial life skills such as communication.


4-H is more than the fair, it’s a lifestyle!

What are fair points?

Youth showing animals in the fair must acquire 5 fair points after their first year showing. These are not required for first-year showers or cloverbuds. Fair points are required to show both market and non-market animals.

Fair points are due August 1 each year and require agent signatures to verify participation in the activities listed. Forms are available year-round and we have many youth who are able to submit their full points only weeks after starting the next 4-H year!

Download the form here: Fair Points Form

These points can be acquired from a variety of sources that are educational or service related events/workshops/clinics outside of the club level.

What constitutes a fair point activity?

Acquiring points is not a difficult process, and in fact exhibitors leave the fair already obtaining 2 points for the next year! Points carried over from the previous year would include entering items in home arts, participating in judging contests, participating in shows, and turning in record books. Throughout the year more than 30 “point” activities are available for youth to participate in the county alone. Point activities can be obtained from participating in activities from out of county as well.

Some examples of approved and reoccurring fair points include:

  • Attending the 4-H end of the year banquet
  • Completing a project book, with report
  • Attending a summer camp
  • Being involved in County Council, Hippology, or the Nassau County Youth Emergency Team
  • Attending all the classes of a judging series (livestock or poultry)
  • Attending Day at the Capitol
  • Helping with the Christmas parade float
  • Competing in County and District events
  • Attending the County Council Fun Shops
  • Participating in Executive Boards
  • Helping at 4-H Fundraisers
  • Competing in the Forest Ecology Contest
  • Attending Winter Wonderland of Horses or other animal clinics
  • Participating in community service events such as clean up or item drives

You can always check the Friday Flyer or our Facebook to discover any fair point activities that are available.

There is a wide variety of opportunities that can constitute a fair point, and more often than not Agents are willing to hear out ideas for possible activities and approve them. Activities must be pre-approved and proof of attendance submitted.

At the end of the day fair points should not be an added stress to a 4-H’ers project. Fair points are designed to be easily acquired if the member stays even minimally involved in 4-H throughout the year.

If you have any other questions about showing animals in the County or State Fair, call us at 904-530-6353.


Posted: September 10, 2018

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