Mid-Year Checkup for Leaders, Youth, and Parents

January is a time for new resolutions and getting back on track. We are midway through our 4-H year and now is the perfect time to pause and reflect on how we’re doing as 4-H leaders, members, and parents. Have you gotten into any bad habits or forgotten something you should be working on? No problem, now is the time to catch up! Use the questions below to help you get started.

Club Leaders: Am I…

  • Preparing in advance so meetings run smoothly?
  • Empowering youth to lead and have an input during meetings (including utilizing my officer team)?
  • Including all parts of a 4-H meeting: business (25%), education (50%), and recreation (25%)?
  • Sharing upcoming events so families can keep up with what is going on and plan for what’s coming up?
  • Submitting reports and other important info to agents so they have what they need to be successful?


Members: Am I…

  • Actively participating at meetings and events?
  • Giving input to help plan events for my club and our county?
  • Continuing my project work through project books or other means?
  • Getting enough fair points so I don’t have to scramble later?


Parents: Am I…

  • Reading my Friday Flyers to check out what events are coming up?
  • Encouraging my youth to get involved in meetings?
  • Asking my club leaders how I can help them?


As you reflect on how you’re doing and plan for the remainder of the 4-H year, don’t worry – our agents are doing the same thing! We have big plans for County Events, service projects, school enrichment, and more this spring! Don’t forget to sign up for our Friday Flyer so you can stay in the loop with Nassau County 4-H!

Happy New Year, 4-H Family!


Posted: January 10, 2018

Category: 4-H & Youth, Clubs & Volunteers

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