Camp Comes Home

With another year of traditional Cherry Lake being postponed, Nassau County agent, Kelsey Irvine, knew that she had to bring all the magic of camp home this year. What started originally as a virtual camp night continued to morph into an in-person even as restrictions lifted. Thirteen “campers” and three counselors came together on July 13 for a few hours of fun to get their feet wet in Cherry Lake festivities.

Three cabins were assigned and led by counselors in the traditional capacity. More than half of the participants were brand new to 4-H and Cherry Lake so this “try a day of camp” event was truly impactful for those looking to attend next year. For one of our counselors, this event meant more than it seemed on the surface. This year would have been her last year as a counselor and she had been devastated knowing it had been postponed another summer. Being able to bring camp to Nassau gave her the opportunity to be a counselor one last time.

Cabins were given a complete songbook and a shortlist of common songs they would sing and learn throughout the night; the llama song was an absolute hit! Cabins also came together to create a cabin call-back, work as a team creating two crafts, and help teach more songs to the whole camp group. Agents discussed what was Cherry Lake along with all the fun activities done throughout the weeklong adventure. Counselors even put on an impromptu skit!

Of course, what Cherry Lake adventure would be complete without the infamous, messy, and absolutely mandatory marshmallow paint wars?! The whole camp geared up for the fight, parents readied their cameras, and Ms. Kelsey led the charge!

Needless to say, we’ve already got a signup list started for summer 2022.

Nothing beats actually being at Cherry Lake, but for all our “campers” here in Nassau that magic came home for the night.


Posted: July 16, 2021

Category: 4-H & Youth, Camp
Tags: 4-H, Camp, Camp Cherry Lake, Nassau County 4-H

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