Industrial Hemp Virtual Workshop Now Available

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Interested in learning more about industrial hemp production in Florida? On Monday, January 11 the UF/IFAS Industrial Hemp Program launched a virtual workshop aimed at updating Floridians on the latest industrial hemp research conducted across UF/IFAS.

MREC’s Dr. Roger Kjelgren (far right) discusses industrial hemp research at the MREC Industrial Hemp Field Day in October 2019.

The virtual workshop, which costs $40, will include the latest research findings on field and container production of industrial hemp in Florida.

The virtual workshop will also include announcements about the UF/IFAS Hemp Cultivar Approval Program, a partnership spearheaded by MREC’s Brian Pearson and Steven Anderson, as well as industry partner Roseville Farms.

Updates from research conducted at MREC include photoperiod responses of essential oil, grain, and fiber hemp cultivars; differential water use and demands of hemp cultivars; and the results of fertigation, water stress, clonal rooting and winter/summer varietal trials conducted on-site.

The program for the virtual workshop can be found here. MREC team members will be presenting the following research updates:

  • Hemp Physiology and Management:
    • Controlled environment photoperiod, Mengzi Zhang
    • Cultivars hydric response to imposed water stress, Roger Kjelgren
    • Essential oil hemp research at MREC, Steve Anderson
  • Pests and Diseases
    • Insect and mite pest of hemp, Lance Osborne

The virtual workshop also features updates from Tropical REC research faculty Zach Brym, North Florida REC regional specialized agent De Broughton and UF/IFAS Florida Agricultural Experiment Station research administrator Jerry Fankhauser.

Register for the virtual workshop by clicking here.


Posted: January 15, 2021

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