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Florida’s Coral Reef: Coral Bleaching and the 2023 Marine Heat Wave

July 27, 2023

Imagine you are accustomed to eating 2,000 calories per day.  What if your diet was suddenly cut by 85% to only 300 calories per day?  You could survive on 300 calories per day, but for how long?  This is the issue facing the bleached corals ... READ MORE

Category: , Coasts & Marine, NATURAL RESOURCES, UF/IFAS Extension
Tags: Coral Bleaching, Florida Sea Grant, Florida's Coral Reef, Marine Heat Wave

Proposed Rule to list Queen Conch as Threatened Under the Endangered Species Act

November 22, 2022

Queen Conch (current scientific name Alger gigas, formerly Strombus gigas) is such an iconic animal in the Florida Keys that local born residents are called “conchs,” especially those living near Key West, Florida.  Most locals have ... READ MORE

Category: Conservation, NATURAL RESOURCES, UF/IFAS Extension
Tags: Endangered Species Act, Florida Keys, Florida Sea Grant, Queen Conch

Forget the supply chain, have a greener holiday

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October 18, 2021

The holidays are not here yet, I know. But the media is reporting holiday chaos. With shipping disruptions and limited supply they insist that we need to be shopping NOW! Maybe this year we can rethink what and with who we want to celebrate. After ... READ MORE

Category: Conservation, Home Management, Money Matters, Relationships & Family, SFYL Hot Topic, UF/IFAS Extension, Work & Life
Tags: Budget, Eco, Gifts, Green Living, Holiday

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