Frangipani Rust

Towards the end of the rainy season, frangipani (Plumeria) leaves are prone to infection by the fungus Coleosporium plumierae, known as frangipani rust. This disease causes yellow spots and premature leaf drop and but does not affect the long term health of the plant. Look for yellow powdery pustules on the underside of the leaves. When these rupture they release spores that infect other leaves.

Control of frangipani rust starts with proper disposal of infected leaves. Rake them up and dispose of them in a trash bag in your household waste. Nothing can be done for leaves that have already been infected, so if your plant is deciduous, no other action is needed. If leaves remain on the plant all year, an application of a copper fungicide every ten days can prevent infection of new leaves.

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Article written by: Monroe County Master Gardener
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Kim Gabel, UF/IFAS
Ellen Sculley, Monroe County Master Gardener


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Posted: December 2, 2008

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