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Asian Bean Thrips – another New Pest Species in Miami-Dade Agriculture

A new species of thrips was first reported on beans in Miami-Dade County in 2020. The size of this insect is very tiny, only about one millimeter long. They mainly stay within vegetable crop flowers, and damage the flowers. This new thrips species, called Asian bean thrips (Megalurothrips usitatus) are commonly in most bean crops, especially in lablab beans (Picture 1), long beans (Picture 2) and snap beans, etc., but they can also be in other vegetable crops, such as some peppers and eggplants. The pest can cause a lot of injuries from feeding on flowers, leaves, and pods for most of beans.

Picture 1. Lablab beans

Picture 2. Long beans

For more information about the identification and control, please refer to the following presentation:–Smith—Asian-Bean-Thrips-Florida-2021.pdf