New Online Course: Advanced Nutrient Management for Container-Grown Crops

Advanced nutrient mgmt courseThis course will train you to:

  • Understand and manage aspects of pH management including lime, water quality, species, nitrogen form, and root substrate.
  • Know how to convert fertilizer units and formulate a fertilizer.
  • Diagnose nutritional problems and recommend corrective actions.
  • The course is appropriate for employees in the US and internationally who already have some nutrient management
    training, are experienced growers, or are in technical or sales roles.
    Lectures & assignments in both English and Spanish.
  • Lesson topics
    1. Fertilizer concentration and calculations
    2. Fertilizer formulation and programs
    3. pH, lime & substrate
    4. pH, water, fertilizer, & plant species
    5. Correct high substrate-pH problems
    6. Correct low substrate-pH problems
    7. Test substrate, water, and plant tissue
    8. Trouble-shooting problems
  • Online registration link: CLICK HERE

Deadline to register: 10/12/2015, but the class will start on 10/5/2015, so I recommend you to register earlier.

Is there a university credit, qualification, or certificate?
• Part of the UF/IFAS Extension Greenhouse Training Online program
• When you complete course requirements you will be sent a personalized certificate.
• The course does not count for credit towards a university degree.



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Posted: September 29, 2015

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