Summer travels are fun!!! Just don’t pack a PEST

Did you make your reservations? Did you pack your gadgets, batteries and extra clothing just in case? Good! Now remember: do not pack a PEST on your way back!!! An invasive pest is an organism that is introduced into an area and becomes a pest in the new environment. Does not occur naturally in a specific area and therefore may not have any natural enemies. They cause economic (including agricultural) , environmental or human health harm.

Invasive pests spread by:

  • Commercial shipments of plants, food and other materials
  • By “hitch-hiking” on vehicles, fruits, plants, seeds or animals when travelers enter the U.S. or any state
  • When travelers bring prohibited fruits, plants, seeds or animals back from other states or countries.

Watch this video:

Top Invasive Pest Threats in the U.S.


For more information go to: Don’t pack a pest


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Posted: June 19, 2012

Category: Work & Life
Tags: APHIS, Disease, Evcampoverde, Insect, Invasive Pest, Travel, USDA

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