Building a Balanced Thanksgiving Plate

Holiday season is approaching, as well as typical New Year’s resolutions for losing weight and improving health. Many of us will gather with family and friends and be surrounded by a lot of food. Instead of waiting for the new year to start “dieting,” I challenge you to start simple, by creating one healthful plate at a time –starting now.


Build a balanced plate in three steps

1. Fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables: By doing so, you will feel satisfied faster because these foods contain fiber. Moreover, they are rich in antioxidants unique to plants. Antioxidants protects your body cells against damage and several ailments, including heart disease, cognitive decline, and even cancer.

2. Fill one fourth of the plate with a protein of your choice: Remember that legumes, beans, and tofu are also rich sources of protein. To learn more about the nutrition of legumes, check out this guide.

3. Fill one fourth of the plate with whole grains:  Consuming whole grains instead of refined grains can lower your cholesterol, reduce your risk of developing diabetes, lower your risk to develop colorectal cancer, among other diseases (Harvard, n.a.). These are only a few benefits of consuming whole grains.


 Showcase your healthful plate for family and friends during the holidays, and engage them in this challenge! Please post a picture of your plate in the comments below.

Copyright © 2011, Harvard University. For more information about The Healthy Eating Plate, please see The Nutrition Source, Department of Nutrition, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health,, and Harvard Health Publications,


Happy Holidays!



Posted: November 23, 2022

Category: Health & Nutrition
Tags: #HEalhtyEatingDuringTheHolidays, #HealthyThanksgiving, #Thanksgiving2022

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