How to obtain and maintain a Limited Lawn and Ornamental Pesticide License

If you are a government or private property employee that maintains landscapes and plans to apply pesticides around occupied buildings (homes or offices), then you need a pesticide license through the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS). With the Limited Lawn and Ornamental Pesticide License (LLO) you will be able to apply herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides on landscapes and turf around buildings.

Step by Step Instructions for obtaining an LLO License.

1. Study for the Exam

Purchase study manuals from the UF/IFAS Bookstore at 800-226-1764 or online at the provided links. You will need to study the CORE which is pesticide laws, safety and labeling and LLO specific principles.
LLO study guide
CORE study guide

2. Apply for an Exam Voucher and the LLO License
Apply for a voucher to take the exam. The license fee of $150 must be paid before taking the exam. If you pass the exam, the $150 covers your LLO pesticide license for four years. You must bring the voucher number with you to take the exam.

3. Select a Testing Date and Location
Select a Testing Date and Location.  Testing online at any time is an option, but you must have the proper computer requirements, webcam, etc.

4. Attend a LLO Exam Review Session
– The 6-hour LLO exam review session is NOT required.
– Sometimes Extension Offices will offer exams immediately after class, but this depends on the County.
– Contact your County Extension Office to find the in-person LLO exam review closest to your location.
– The LLO class reviews the fundamentals you will need to pass the LLO exam, but it does not replace studying the manuals. The pass rate for first time LLO exam takers is around 50%. Increase your chances of passing by studying ahead of time.

5. Renew Your License Annually
Renew Your License Annually
The LLO license costs $25.00 to renew every four years, plus you will need to attend 4 hours (2 CORE, 2 LLO) of approved Continuing Education (CEUs) classes offered by your local County Extension Office. After attending a CEU class you will be provided a completion form.  Place your completed CEU forms in a place where they can be found when it is time to renew.  Be sure to renew your license by the four year deadline.  FDACS will mail the renewal application to the home address of the pesticide license holder several weeks before expiration with instructions on how to renew.

For further information, contact your local County Extension Office.


Posted: August 3, 2023

Category: Agriculture, Horticulture, Pests & Disease

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