Tree Planting Techniques

Planting a tree in a landscape takes planning, and a few more steps than simply putting the tree in a whole. Common issues with tree planting:

  • Not calling to check for utilities before you dig.
    • This can be very dangerous. In Lake County call 811 or 1-800-432-4770 before you dig.
  • Planting too deep.
    • Remember to keep the root flare at, or above grade. The root flare is the area where the trunk transitions into roots.
  • Placing Mulch against the trunk.
    • Remember you want a dish of mulch around the trunk, not a volcano.

For 10 easy steps in tree planting see the full County Factsheet here


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Posted: December 2, 2021

Category: Florida-Friendly Landscaping, HOME LANDSCAPES
Tags: Arboriculture, Gardening, Home Landscape, Tree, Tree Planting

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