4-H County Events Day

The Lake County Events Day will be held at the Lake County Extension Office on February 24, 2018.

What is County Events?

County Events Day is an excellent opportunity for 4-H members to showcase their knowledge on a topic of their choice. This event is open to junior, intermediate, and senior level 4-H’ers. Cloverbud members will participate in table setting for exhibition purposes only. Youth have the option of presenting their speech/demonstration as an individual or team (maximum two participants). There are many benefits to participating in County Events such as public speaking skills and learning how to gather and present information.

How to prepare for County Events:

Being prepared for County Events Day is important for earning a blue ribbon and the opportunity to move to District Events. In order to best prepare for County Events Day, here is a recommended timeline:

  • September – October: Practice with one minute talks to your club explaining your 4-H project.
  • November – December: Focus on a part of your project that you want to showcase for County Events and begin making an outline for your speech.
  • January: Fill in your outline for your speech. Practice your demonstration at the club level for feedback.
  • February: Continue practicing your demonstration and prepare for County Events Day. Set up a date and time to practice your demonstration or speech for the 4-H Agent.
Helpful Tips
  • Take a deep breath.
  • Look at your audience.
  • Do not fumble with your cards.
  • Know your information well enough so that if you lose your place you can still move on.
  • Try not to panic, keep moving forward.
  • Remember to slow down.

Presentations are scored by judges and all participants are awarded ribbons. All blue ribbon winners are eligible to register and compete at District Events (May 12, 2018).

Red ribbons are awarded to 4-H’ers who may have learned a skill but not yet mastered it completely. Information may not be complete or accurate.

White ribbons are awarded to 4-H’ers who may have an incomplete mastery of the skill.


Posted: February 2, 2018

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