Helping Your Child Have Success as a Virtual Student

More than likely, if you are the parent of a school age child, you have been introduced to online learning in 2020. While having its benefits, online learning can certainly present its challenges. For a child to be successful learning virtually, there are certain tips parents and student should follow as well as bdrawing of a mom overlooking her son virtual learninge aware of any obstacles that may make the format challenging or even impossible.

Identify obstacles

The most obvious obstacle is access to the internet. Many rural areas are limited to broad band width or have no access to the internet. This should be taken into consideration when choosing the virtual education path. There needs to be a clear understanding between the Education provider, the parent and student the amount of time and any specification about times that may be required online.

Set up a specific work area for virtual learning

cartoon drawing of people holding virtual school itemsStaying on task can be difficult for young students. A place reserved for virtual learning will be helpful in keeping the learner focused. Consistently using the area for working and leaving the area when not doing virtual school task will assist in having more productive learning time.

Have a schedule.

If the online education provider does not have specific times to be part of the virtual class, this becomes even more important. Be sure the schedule is planned with the child’s most productive times in mind. School’s tend offer core subjects in the morning when kids are more rested and productive. Youth may need help from their parent’s finding these times, and distinguishing between convenient and productive times.

Maintain communication with the teacher.

Although most of the responsibility of virtual learning rest on parents and students, it’s important to meet regularly with the teacher to discuss progress and academic success.

Celebrate success.

Parents who have just began the journey of teaching may not understand the importance of constant praise in a child’s learning process. Most educators would probably tell you that the much more time is spent affirming positive behavior and work with less attention on negative behaviors or failed academic success.diagram of virtual learning

Online virtual learning has brought new opportunities to students as well as solutions to problems that have occurred while trying to offer educational services during a pandemic. Unfortunately, success in this learning format has not been easy for many students. These guidelines can be helpful in bringing success to students as well as determining the style of instruction most appropriate for different students.



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Posted: September 17, 2020

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