Youth Benefit from Spending Time Angling

Youth and their families can reap the many benefits of fishing. It’s important to remember that an afternoon of fishing does not necessarily require expensiveAngling Club - Capture of the dock and Koon Lake boats or top of the line equipment. This, itself can be a valuable lesson for youth. Here are just some of the benefits that come youth spending time angling.

Learn to make the best of any situation

4-H volunteer helping Lafayette 4H youth bait a hook- Angling ClubAs the leader of a 4-H angling club, there is no doubt that youth can be successful and experience the excitement of fishing using fresh cut bamboo poles, inexpensive reels and redworms dug from the back yard. There are many state parks in North Florida that allow areas of public fishing as well places along public boat ramps on the river and lakes. It is important that youth grow up with the understanding that angling can be an affordable fun past time.

Youth should be aware of where their food comes from

Fishing gives youth an opportunity to learn food sources first-hand. Parents and mentors can help youth learn to properly clean and prepare fish for cookingLafayette 4H youth getting fishing poles ready which will not only help give youth a sense of independence but knowledge of how to feed him/herself.

Fishing can be a great way to teach youth patience

With no control over whether or not the fish have an appetite, patience when fishing can be a test for youth and adults alike. It may also require the angler to experiment with a variety of baits, water depths, and times of the day when fishing, all of which require patience.

Youth are learning real life skills while fishing

Lafayette 4H Volunteer giving a youth a wormMany youth today are spending an alarming amount of time on electronic devices. The moment-to-moment challenges that occur while angling, regardless of how big or small the challenges will require real-life decision-making skills unlike those that are required playing video games. These experiences will help prepare youth for the many challenges they will experience in adolescence and adulthood.

Angling teaches youth to appreciate nature

Once youth have learned the joys that can come with spending a peaceful day on the banks of a river or lake fishing, he/she will become more thankful forLafayette 4H member baiting her hook those natural resources that has brought them happiness. Many of these youth will advocate for the preservation of the lands and water that they themselves have had the opportunity to enjoy.

There are many benefits to youth and their families spending time outdoors fishing. The biggest hurdle for both is probably finding the time to make it happen but it can be well worth the time. Fortunately, it doesn’t require much time and can be a pleasurable experience by just packing a few snacks, gathering some basic fishing gear and spending a few hours in nature with the family.


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Posted: September 23, 2021

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