Gardening Teaches Youth Responsibility

Trying to teach youth to be more responsible can be very frustrating. Taking out the trash or cleaning their bedroom often leads to procrastinating and arguing. Feeding pets may be a job that as a parent, you don’t feel like the child is at a level of responsibility he/she an be entrusted. Gardening however, is a great way to teach youth how to be responsible.

Value of Life

youth showing a plant growing in the garden Living things die if mistreated, neglected, or not taken care of properly, and entrusting a child to take care of the living parts of the environment means they’ll learn the consequences of not carrying out their responsibilities. This concept may seem cruel and unacceptable when applying to family pets, but ideal for using in the home garden By giving youth gardening responsibilities, they will quickly learn what happens when they forget to water a plant, pick a vegetable when it’s ripe, or pull a flower out by its roots. Here are some ways of making chores easy to implement in the home garden.

Set a Schedule

Set a schedule for your child to use for watering the garden. This is a responsibility that will quickly reveal the youth’s dedication or lack of, to their chores.


vegetable garden Maintaining a garden also teaches responsibility and dedication. This includes applying organic fertilizers, weeding, and harvesting crops. These are all responsibilities that are required to make a healthy productive garden and crop.

Through gardening, youth will come to appreciate the time and after their parents and family spend with them in the garden, lightening their load.


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Posted: June 24, 2021

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