Top Five Brand Guidelines to Follow 

When following the UF/IFAS brand guidelines, it’s essential to adhere to the established guidelines to maintain consistency and protect the integrity of our brand. Below are the top five things to note.

Logo Usage and Sizing

Use the current main UF/IFAS logos found here:. Follow the specified guidelines for logo usage and sizing. Pay attention to “clear space” requirements around the logo to ensure it remains visually distinct. Consistency in logo application across various platforms helps reinforce brand recognition.

Diagram of the use of clear space around the UF/IFAS logo.

 Color Palette

Adhere to the primary color palette outlined in the brand guidelines. Colors play a crucial role in brand identity. Consistent use of the designated colors helps maintain a cohesive and recognizable brand image and ensures accurate color reproduction across different media and materials.

Color swatches showing UF brand color values. Primary print colors are PMS 287 or C100, M60, Y0, K20 for blue and PMS 172 or C1, M70, Y100, K0 for orange. Primary web colors are R0, G33, B165 or #0021A5 for blue and R250, G70, B22 or #FA4616 for orange.

Typography and Font Usage

Respect the typography guidelines provided in the brand manual. Follow the rules regarding font styles, sizes, and spacing. Consistent use of fonts contributes to a unified visual identity. Avoid using unauthorized fonts or modifying the approved typography to maintain brand integrity.

Find downloadable graphic resources, including visual elements, fonts, and designed templates, here:

Shows UF brand font samples: Gentona, Obviously Wide or Extended, Billion Dreams, or Newsreader.

Imagery and Visual Elements

Understand the guidelines for imagery, photography styles, and other visual elements. Consistency in the use of visuals contributes to a cohesive brand. Follow specifications for image resolution, tone, and style to ensure visual content aligns with the brand’s overall aesthetic.

Brand Voice and Messaging

Pay attention to the guidelines related to brand voice, tone, and messaging. Consistent communication helps establish and reinforce the brand’s personality and values. Use approved messaging and language styles to maintain a coherent brand voice across various channels and materials.

It is crucial to approach brand guidelines as rules and recommendations contributing to brand identity. By adhering to these guidelines, you contribute to a unified brand image, build brand equity, and ensure that the brand is represented consistently across different touchpoints. If any uncertainties arise, it’s advisable to consult the brand guidelines or seek clarification from the brand custodians at UF/IFAS Communications to avoid unintentional deviations.

More Information

Find the Brand Guidelines here for more information: UF/IFAS Branding Guidelines.

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Posted: February 16, 2024

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