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Embarking on the journey of creating and selling a publication based on your research and knowledge is not only an exciting endeavor but also a rewarding one. At UF/IFAS Communications, we are dedicated to making this experience fulfilling for you. Our goal is to amplify your passion and expertise into published work for sale. Keep reading to learn about the support that our team of professionals has available for you. 


UF/IFAS Communications Author Support: 

Your deep expertise in your field is what guides us. Our team, committed to enhancing your work, can provide you with the following Editorial Support to refine your writing, ensuring the clarity and accuracy needed to convey your idea:

  • Proofreading and Copyediting: We will ensure your work is free from errors and adheres to established writing conventions for clarity and professionalism.
  • Crafting Clear and Captivating Content: We help make your writing engaging and accessible to a wider audience while maintaining your unique style.
  • Nailing the Details: We assist in maintaining consistent formatting and citation styles, ensuring your work meets academic standards.

Our Graphic Design and Layout team specializes in creating visually stunning publications by providing services such as:

  • Cover and Layout: We craft compelling book covers and project layouts.
  • Printing and Publishing: We assist with the printing and publishing process.
  • Cost Efficiency: We obtain quotes and secure the best deals to bring your vision to life through your publication.

One of the most important aspects of a publication is to generate the appropriate Publicity and Promotion to support it. Nevertheless, our marketing and social media team can assist in developing a plan to promote your product. Additionally, we can also provide the Technical Support needed to help with formatting, citation styles, and any other technical aspects of your publication. 

UF/IFAS Bookstore Services: 

The UF/IFAS Bookstore counts with an enthusiastic team which offers several services to assist during you publication journey:

  • Warehousing and Distribution: The UF/IFAS Bookstore offers partnership options for the efficient warehousing and distribution of your publication, both on-campus and online.
  • ISBN Assignment: We take care of the essential process of obtaining an ISBN Assignment number, a critical step for tracking and selling your publication.
  • Sales and Marketing Support: The bookstore team provides comprehensive in-person and online Sales and Marketing Support to promote your publication, leveraging its strong connections with the academic community and the wider public.

To conclude, publishing your work not only provides the opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise, but also brings the potential to become an innovative revenue enhancement to support your project or community initiatives. At UF/IFAS Communications we’re dedicated to joining hands with IFAS faculty to turn dreams into reality.

Ready to get started? Don’t wait, take the first step towards sharing your knowledge and passion.  Contact us today to bring your project to life! Visit the Workfront site or email me at

Thank you for considering us as your partners in this exciting journey.


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Posted: October 10, 2023

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