A Symposium, a Plant Sale, and Aquatic Weed Control: The Bookstore Hits the Road

We have a busy couple weeks coming at the IFAS Extension Bookstore, with events in Gainesville, Tallahassee, and Orlando.

This Tuesday through Thursday, May 9­­–11, c­atch your favorite, untiring local bookstore at the UF/IFAS Extension Symposium at the J. Wayne Reitz Union on the UF campus in Gainesville. We’ll be in the ballroom taking all your apparel requests and with a selection of other stock on hand as well! I love my UF/IFAS windbreaker—what are you going to get?

On Saturday morning, May 13, the bookstore will be at the UF/IFAS Extension Leon County Open House and Plant Sale. This event runs from 9 a.m. to noon and features over 3,000 plants for every kind of plant lover! Besides the bookstore, garden clubs, the Rose Society and Bonsai Society, and the Apalachee Beekeepers Association will be attending. Plus, proceeds support the county Extension office’s programs: 4-H scholarships, community gardens, and more!

(And if you’re a Master Gardener at the show, we’ll even stick around a little while after it finishes so you can shop too!)

Finally, next week, May 15–19, a bookstore still going strong will be in Orlando at the Aquatic Weed Control Short Course. This course offers training and CEUs for multiple Florida Pesticide Applicator categories, as well as information on identifying aquatic and wetland plants. Registration is closed, so if you didn’t get to it in time this year, we’ll have to see you there the next!

What Products Will We Have?

Cover of FFL Handbook for Home LandscapesFlorida-Friendly Landscaping™ Handbook for Home Landscapes

SP 653

The Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ Handbook for Home Landscapes program makes creating and maintaining a quality landscape both easier and more Florida-Friendly through numerous helpful concepts, tools, and techniques. Our tips on cost-saving, efficient landscapes will help you reduce water, fertilizer, and pesticide use. Plus, a Florida-Friendly Landscape can be designed to suit your tastes, community, and lifestyle. Whether you’re establishing a new landscape or making changes to an existing one, this book will guide you through the process.


Cover of FFL Guide to Plant Selection and Landscape DesignFlorida-Friendly Landscaping™ Guide to Plant Selection & Landscape Design 

SP 652
A companion to the Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ Handbook for Home Landscapes, this guide is intended for homeowners who want to take the next step and design their own Florida-Friendly landscapes. Included in this book is information on landscape design, strategies, a landscape planning worksheet, and the FFL Plant List containing many of the UF/IFAS-recommended Florida-Friendly plants for each region of the state.


Cover of revised Aquatic Plant Identification DeckAquatic Plant Identification Deck (revised edition) 

SM 50

New! Identify aquatic and wetland plants of Florida’s lakes, rivers, swamps and wetlands. This new edition is revised with up-to-date scientific and common names for 65 species and is printed on water-resistant synthetic paper. Each card includes full-color photographs, identification text, invasive status, and a QR code that leads you to an online plant directory with more pictures of the plant.

This 4″x6″ deck is designed for professionals in environmental agencies and companies, students, and anyone interested in Florida’s aquatic ecosystems. Scientific and common name indexes are included.


Cover of Sport Fish of the Gulf Coast and FloridaSport Fish of the Gulf and Florida

SP 651

New! From Adventure Publications: Your guide to 67 of the most popular sport fish of the inland waters, surf and deepwater.

  • Includes sport fish from freshwater, brackish water and saltwater
  • Organized by where you’re fishing
  • Pocket-sized format
  • Professional illustrations that show key markings


Cover of Weed Control in PondsWeed Control in Ponds

SP 334

Whether you’re a homeowner or a landscaper, this lavishly-illustrated booklet will provide you with everything you need to know about aquatic weeds and how to control them. Includes sections on site selection and construction, weed control with fertilization, mechanical harvesters, herbivorous fish and herbicides. Appendices include a full-color guide to aquatic weed identification, a guide to herbicides and their use, even a handy conversion table. 25 pp. 41 illus.

On Sale! Just $1.00!

For more, visit ifasbooks.ifas.ufl.edu.


Posted: May 9, 2023

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Tags: Aquatic Weed Control Short Course, Florida-Friendly Landscaping, Master Gardener, Plant Sale, Sport Fish, UF IFAS Bookstore

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