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NEWSFLASH! When UF/IFAS news events happen, resources from the IFAS Extension Bookstore are often featured in the story. Our resources support current UF/IFAS Extension programs and can provide greater context for issues that are in the news. Here are just a few recent headlines you can learn more about at IFASBOOKS:

Florida Youth Naturalist Program launches statewide


Florida Youth Naturalist Program Instructor Field Guide

Shelly A. Johnson, Sarah T. Hensley, Megan T. Ellis

This innovative field guide contains the curriculum for the Florida Youth Naturalist Program, which is designed to teach youth ages 10-13 about Florida’s natural world.

The field guide leads instructors through 10 lessons and approximately 24 hours of learning, hands-on activities, and field trips. Following the journey of a single raindrop, students will experience the diverse wildlife and ecology of Florida’s upland, freshwater, and coastal ecosystems. Special features encourage youth to dig deeper, leave no trace, volunteer their services, and investigate careers in life sciences. For instructors, it also includes guidelines for field trips, supply lists, reference materials, and a glossary.

This richly illustrated guide is perfect for 4-H leaders and educators who are looking for an innovative approach that empowers youth to develop awareness, passion, and a sense of stewardship for Florida’s natural resources.

122 pp.


UF study: Florida’s 76,000 ponds emit more carbon than they store


Florida-Friendly Plants for Retention Ponds

Rebecca Jordi

Florida’s stormwater retention ponds are designed to control flooding and reduce water pollution. Unfortunately, the turfgrass embankments that surround most retention ponds aren’t effective at filtering out nutrients, and so they become a bane to the environment and eyesores for property managers.

However, the addition of Florida-friendly plants can transform retention ponds from algae-filled, stagnant pools to beautiful landscapes that filter out nutrients, enhance water quality and increase property values.

With vibrant photos and descriptions, this identification deck is a guide to 26 Florida native and Florida-friendly plants that are uniquely suited for retention ponds. It includes model plans and resources for creating beautiful and cost-effective landscapes.

68 pp.


This spring, take part in “Zoe’s Mission”


 Zoe’s Mission

Rebecca Jordi

Illustrated by Joanne Roach

This delightfully-illustrated children’s book follows Zoe, a zebra longwing butterfly, on her adventurous journey to find a safe place to lay her eggs and raise a family. Along the way she encounters the hazards of civilization and the joys of meeting other creatures. This book is a wonderful introduction to the world of butterflies and other pollinators, featuring the life cycles of several of Florida’s most common species.

Proceeds from sales go to support UF/IFAS Extension Nassau County’s horticulture programming.

48 pp. 8.5” x 11”, hardcover


For more, visit ifasbooks.ufl.edu


Posted: March 30, 2022

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