Making Comments on a Workfront Proof

The easiest way to find a Proof is to click the Open Proof button in the email notification you received when the Proof was made for review.

How to Make Comments

  1. Open the Proof
  2. At the top of the proofing viewer, click “Add comment,” located on the center top portion of the screen, and a markup toolbar will appear.
    Screen capture of the Add comment button.
  3. If it is a video Proof, play the video, then click “Add comment” at the point in the video where you want the comment using the playheads.
  4. To draw attention to a specific location on the Proof, click the markup tool you want in the toolbar, then mark the area of the Proof that you wish to comment on:
    Tool Image   Tool Name Tool Description
    Squiggle line indicating the freehand tool.   Draw a freehand line Add a freehand line on the selected area.
    Straight angled line indicating the line tool.   Draw a line Draw a line on the selected area.
    Arrow pointing up to the right indicating the arrow tool.   Draw an arrow Add an arrow to an area you select.
    Pencil with a line indicating the highlight tool.   Highlight an area Highlights the area you select.
    Rectangle with handled corners indicating the rectangle tool.   Draw a rectangle Draw a rectangle around an area.
    Squiggle line with circle points indicating the polyline tool.   Polyline Draws a connected sequence of line segments you can leave open or close as a shape. You can move or delete any of the points you add.
    Red square with a corner mark line indicating the color tool.   Change markup color, thickness, or opacity Changes the color, thickness, and opacity of the markup tools.
    The letter T indicating the text tool.   Text This tool appears on the left of the other tools when the Proof is a text-based document. It provides markup tools for commenting on text in proofs.

    When you click this tool and select text on your Proof, annotation options appear beneath the selected text.

  5. You can mark multiple areas on multiple pages for one comment in static proofs. For example, if you want to make the same comment on multiple pages, select a location on one page, then go to the next page where you want to make the same comment and select an area there. (This applies only to the regular annotation markup tools, not the text markup tools.
  6. Type your comment in the Add comment box on the right.
  7. To tag another user in your comment, type @ in the comment box, then type the user’s name or email address and select the user in the menu that appears.
  8. To attach a file to a comment, do either of the following:
    • Click the paper clip icon in the lower-right corner of the comment, then find and select the file you want to upload.
    • Drag a file from a location on your computer and drop it into the comment area.
  9. Click Post. You must click Post for the comment to save.
  10. When you are done making comments, make a decision so the project can move on.


  1. For ease of use, pause the video, and click on the timeline where you want the comment.
  2. For better precision, you can click the values above the playheads and type new values.
  3. To comment on a range of video footage, drag the playheads left and right in the timeline to indicate the range of footage to where you want to add a comment.
  4. To comment on a range of video footage, drag the playheads left and right in the timeline to indicate the range of footage which you want to add a comment.

Make a decision on a Proof

It is important to make a decision on a proof so the person working on your project knows that you are ready to move on.

  1. Click Make Decision at the top-center of the proofing viewer.
    A screen capture of the Make decision button.
  2. In the Proof decision box that appears, click one of the following decisions:
Approved The proof is approved.
Approved with changes The proof requires minor changes, but you do not need to see it again
Changes required The proof requires changes, and you need to see another revision.
  1. Click Make Decision.

For more information

Check out all of the Workfront training videos here, Open the Workfront Client Training section to view available options. 


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Posted: March 16, 2023

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