Using Visuals to Connect Readers with your Research

Infographics can be a powerful tool for sharing research findings because they can make complex information more accessible, engaging, and memorable for a wider audience. Examples can include charts and graphs, diagrams and maps, illustrations, and more.  

Here’s how infographics can help you with sharing research:

Simplify Complex Data
Infographics allow you to distill complex data, statistics, and research findings into visually appealing and easy-to-understand formats. This simplification makes it more accessible to a broad audience, including those without a background in your field. 

Increases Engagement and Shareability
People are often more drawn to visual content than text-heavy documents. Infographics can capture your audience’s attention and encourage them to engage with your research. You can also use your an infographic as a stand-alone tool that leads to more social media shares, website traffic, and or overall interest. 

Support Decision-Making
In some cases, your research may inform important policies or inspire behavioral change in the general public. Infographics can serve as decision-support tools, providing readers with a clear visual summary of your research’s implications. 

Already have an infographic in mind?  

We would love to bring your project to life. Here are some steps you can take before submitting your Workfront Request for Graphic Design: 

  1. Infographics are most effective when conveying a single idea, not an entire body of research. Decide who your target audience is, and the key idea you want to clarify for them.
  2. Consider the size the infographic should be, the final file formats you will need, and the different channels it will be distributed.   
  3. Create a word document that includes all the data/text that should be included in the infographic. 
  4. Gather reference photos for any illustrations that need scientific accuracy. Describe any other visuals you wish to include, if there is a specific style you prefer, and any other ideas you have about how it should look. 
  5. Connect with Tracy Bryant with any questions you have.

Need help visualizing what an infographic can do for you? Check out our infographics page and get inspired!  


Posted: October 17, 2023

Category: UF/IFAS Graphics
Tags: Graphic Design, Infographics, Research

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