UF/IFAS Extension Bookstore News – Feb 14-20

Where is IFASBOOKS this week?

February Flora & Fauna Fest

Saturday, February 19

10 am – 4 pm

Gainesville, FL

409 4th Avenue


This week’s Flora & Fauna Fest is a fundraising event benefitting the Agrios Scholarship fund for the UF Doctor of Plant Medicine (DPM) Program. DPM students study plant science, insects, and plant pathology.

This year, the fest is being held at the 4th Avenue Food Park in Gainesville. Local vendors and UF clubs will be there with educational activities for children and adults. Grab a coffee at the Opus airstream, enjoy pizza and waffles at Satchel’s Squared, come see what we have to offer and have a blast while supporting Gator plant doctors!

New & Noteworthy Items


Build-a-Bug is a group activity that teaches youth and adults about insects and their anatomy. Each team competes to assemble 4 insect bodies using matching anatomical parts – the 1st group to assemble all 4 insect bodies correctly wins!

Build-a-Bug kits come with 21 laminated sheets illustrated in full color with agriculturally significant insects – ant, thrips, hornworm, stink bug, weevil, mealybug, katydid and aphid. Insect parts can be cut out from the sheets to use again and again. Instructions and hoop-and-loop fastener dots are included for easy assembly.

Perfect for schools, camp activities and outreach programs, Build-a-Bug is as fun as it is instructive!




Keep Monarchs Safe

An educational coloring book about monarch conservation

Illustrated by Samm Wehman Epstein; Written by Kristin Rossetti and Jaret Daniels

Monarch butterflies are perhaps the most celebrated insects in the world. But without our protection, monarch populations can decline and their spectacular migrations could soon be a thing of the past.

Fortunately, there are some simple steps we can take to help monarchs, as outlined in this educational coloring book suitable for children and adults.

As you color in Samm Wehman Epstein’s charming illustrations, you’ll experience the monarch’s life cycle and seasonal migrations. You’ll also learn about the milkweeds and other host plants that serve as a food source for caterpillars. The book closes with a glossary and a checklist of ways you can help monarch populations thrive.

Perfect for classrooms, outdoor activities, or just relieving stress, Keep Monarchs Safe is a wonderful way to learn about this imperial species.

26 pp.


Identification Guide to Florida’s Invasive Plant-Pests

Help spot invasive plant-pests before they establish! This handbook is a quick reference guide for recognizing invasive insects, mites, snails, and diseases that damage plants in Florida. With large agricultural and nursery industries, 12 international airports, 14 deep-water ports, and high importation of plant materials, new pests frequently enter the state.

This ring-bound ID deck features full-color photos throughout and detailed descriptions of plant-pests, as well as their hosts, damage, and distribution.

112 pp.




For more, visit the UF/IFAS Extension Bookstore.


Posted: February 16, 2022

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