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Plant This, Not That: A Guide to Avoiding Invasive Plant Species in Florida

Tina McIntyre, Rachel Gutner, Sandra Wilson, Morgan Pinkerton

The plants you bring home from garden centers and nurseries may look beautiful in your landscape, but they also might be invasive species that can escape your yard and quickly spread into other areas, becoming an ecological and economic nightmare.

Plant This – Not That is an identification guide written by UF/IFAS Extension horticulture agents to help people find safe alternatives to invasive ornamental plants, including trees, shrubs, vines and groundcovers.

Twenty-two full-color entries feature an invasive plant that is commonly found for sale, including its description, distribution and range, and ecological threat. Each of these bad actors is paired with a list of beautiful non-invasive alternatives to plant instead.

The guide also features an introduction to invasive plants, a list of resources and a detailed bibliography for further study.

Plant This – Not That is a handy thing to have when you’re shopping for new plants. Combined with Florida-Friendly LandscapingTM resources, you can make informed decisions that will result in a beautiful landscape that grows in harmony with its natural surroundings.

64 pp.



Florida Gardener’s Handbook

All You Need to Know to Plan, Plant & Maintain a Florida Garden

Tom McCubbin and Georgia B. Tasker, with Robert Bowden and Joe Lamp’l

Cool Springs Press

Written by a dream team of Florida gardening experts, this popular guide to growing plants in the Sunshine State is now in its 2nd edition. It profiles more than 300 Florida-friendly plant varieties, including annuals, shrubs, vines, fruit trees, palms, ornamentals, herbs and vegetables. It includes planting considerations and month-by-month to-do lists for each category of plants, as well as special sections on planning a garden, avoiding invasive plants and reducing pests without chemical pesticides.

This new edition adds more native plant choices, removes some potentially invasive plants and includes more coverage of sustainable practices such as organic methods of soil enrichment and pest control.

The Florida Gardener’s Handbook is a one-stop reference for all gardeners in the Sunshine State.

240 pp.



Native Plant Gardening for Birds, Bees  & Butterflies

Jaret C. Daniels

Adventure Press

Pollinators are the matchmakers of the plant world, and without them, life on earth would barely be possible. Every gardener can play a part in strengthening the web of life by planting a garden that attracts pollinators and provides a food source for their larvae, without the use of pesticides.

Native Plant Gardening for Birds, Bees  & Butterflies features 110 plants native to the southeastern U.S., outlining their hardiness zones, bloom periods, optimum growing conditions and the pollinator species they attract. It also includes an overview of pollinator biology, tips for setting up a garden, and landscape plans that suit your specific interests.

Visually stunning and packed with useful information, this guide contains everything you need to know about how to plan, plant and grow a beautiful garden that will draw birds, bees and butterflies to your landscape.

280 pp.


For more, visit http://ifasbooks.ifas.ufl.edu


Posted: January 31, 2022

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