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Thursday, November 18

7:30 am – 5 pm

UF/IFAS Gulf Coast Research and Education Center

14625 County Rd 672, Wimauma, FL

Highlands County Master Gardener Volunteers Garden Festival & Plant Sale

Saturday, November 20

9 am – 3 pm

UF/IFAS Extension Highlands County

4905 West George Blvd, Sebring, FL

New & Notable at IFASBOOKS

Field Guide to Hemp Arthropod Pests

Lance Osborne, Juanita Popenoe, Zachary Brym, Alexandra Revynthi

Industrial hemp is Cannabis sativa that contains < .03% THC and can be legally grown with permits in Florida. Because this plant has long been on the controlled substance list in the U.S., knowledge of its pests and diseases has been limited, and labelled control measures were once non-existent.

This illustrated identification guide provides information and general management recommendations for hemp arthropod pests found in Florida, including aphids, mites, caterpillars, thrips, whitefly, beetles, mealybugs, stink bugs, lygus bugs, and grasshoppers.


Watermelon Field Guide

Developed by UF/IFAS Extension county and regional agents in the Suwannee Valley Agricultural Area with support from the Florida Watermelon Association (FWA), the Watermelon Field Guide is a handy visual reference that growers can take to the field to identify the pests, diseases, injuries, disorders and other challenges to growing watermelon in Florida.

Fully illustrated with 140 color photos, this guide provides real-life observations on a wide range of subjects, including:

  • Chemical Injuries (herbicides, miticides, chemical burns)
  • Diseases (fungal pathogens, viruses, bacterial diseases)
  • Environmental Injuries (hail, lightning, irrigation problems)
  • Nutrients (testing, deficiencies, toxicities)
  • Good Bugs and Bad Bugs (beneficial insects, squash bugs, whiteflies, nematodes)
  • Physiological and Genetic Disorders (leaf curling, hollow heart, oedema)
  • Wildlife (raccoons, birds, feral pigs)
  • And more!


20% discount available for UF/IFAS, FLDEP and FWA members.

Florida Direct Marketing Handbook

If you have a small- to mid-sized farm, nursery, or food business and want to sell directly to consumers, this handbook is for you. Published by UF/IFAS Extension with support from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, the Florida Direct Marketing Handbook is your guide to making important “off the field” decisions.

Chapters include information on:

  • Steps to starting and managing your farm business, including business plans, financing, insurance, labor and food safety
  • Best practices for direct marketing channels
  • Meeting state requirements for direct sales of products including cottage foods, livestock, dairy, eggs, aquaculture, honey and more
  • Networking resources

Whether you’ve been farming for years or you’re just thinking about starting a cottage food business, this book is one resource you can’t afford to skip.


For more, visit the IFAS Extension Boostore at http://ifasbooks.ifas.ufl.edu/


Posted: November 15, 2021

Tags: Florida Ag Expo, Gulf Coast Research And Education Center, Highlands County, UF/IFAS Extension Bookstore

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