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Run Rudolph run! December 15 is the last day to order online in Florida and be guaranteed delivery before Christmas.

The IFAS Extension Bookstore will be closed December 23-31. Orders received after noon on December 23 will be processed and shipped after January 3.

Guides for Holiday Bird Watching

The National Audubon Society’s 122nd Annual Christmas Bird Count runs from this Tuesday, December 14 through January 5, 2022. As the nation’s longest-running community science project, it’s a great way for families, friends and individuals to enjoy the outdoors and learn about local wildlife. And when it comes to weather and variety of species, there’s no better place for bird watching than right here in Florida. The IFAS Extension Bookstore offers several excellent guides for identifying, understanding and hosting birds in our state.

Florida’s Birds—A Field Guide and Reference

David S. Maehr and Herbert W. Kale II

Illustrations by Karl Karalus

Pineapple Press

This field guide to Florida’s bird species and subspecies is a handy resource for birders of all types. It’s a comprehensive identification guide with quick references, range maps and illustrations in vivid color of males and females, adult and immature birds. For those new to birding, it also includes an illustrated index by common names, a guide to the 25 best birding spots in Florida, and a checklist to mark each time you identify a new bird.

If you’re interested in broadening your knowledge of ornithology, there are sections on bird habitats, endangered and threatened species and exotic species. There’s even practical advice about attracting and feeding wild birds, caring for sick, injured and orphaned birds, what to do about swifts in your chimney or squirrels on your birdfeeder, and more.

Florida’s Birds is a ruggedly constructed book. It needs to be—between pulling it down from the shelf, passing it around and carrying it out to the field, it’s likely to see a lot of use.

360 pp.


Birds of the Southeast

Stan Tekiela

Adventure Press

This pocket sized guide is a quick visual reference for identifying the birds you’re most likely to find at your backyard birdfeeder. Color-coded tabs make it easy to find birds by their color and detailed photos show key markings for identification. It also includes a list of foods favored by various birds—very handy when you’re trying to attract certain species.

Compact and water-resistant, it’s a good thing to keep handy on your windowsill or back porch.

20 pp., coil bound


Florida Birds – A Folding Pocket Guide to Familiar Species

James Kavanagh

Waterford Press

This beautifully illustrated foldout guide highlights 140 species commonly found Florida yards, wetlands and other natural areas. It includes a map of Florida ecoregions featuring prominent bird-viewing areas. A perfect fit for your pocket, glove compartment or binoculars case, this guide is an excellent visual reference for identifying birds on the go.


Sandhill Crane Display Dictionary – What Cranes Say with Their Body Language

Christy and George Happ

Waterford Press

Do you speak sandhill? The calls of sandhill cranes are unmistakable to anyone who’s heard them flying overhead. Just as unique are their elaborate, dancelike movements on the ground. Sandhill cranes use body language to announce intent, establish dominance, show arousal, preserve the nest territory and bond male and female pairs. This one-of-a-kind foldout reference guide, the result of years of field research, provides a fascinating look at the meanings of their complicated displays.


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Posted: December 13, 2021

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