Hurricane Prep for Livestock Producers

Hurricane Dorian is really putting a damper on everyone’s Labor Day Weekend plans! It looks like it will hit harder than anticipated. Please be sure that you are preparing your operations…better safe than sorry (as we learned in 2017 with Irma).

State of Florida Livestock Updates

Some updates across the state that affect livestock:

  • FDACS has temporarily suspended intrastate animal movement for the hurricane. Click here for information.
  • Please be aware that the Livestock Markets will be closed September 2-6, 2019 due to the hurricane.
Preparing your Operation

When preparing your operations for a hurricane, here are some tips you should consider:

  • Get hay, feed and health care supplies for up to 1-2 weeks. Feed stores may not be open after the storm.
  • Move animals and equipment to open fields (safer and less likely for a tree to fall on them).
  • Top off gas tanks in equipment and vehicles in case you need extra fuel after the storm.
  • A portable generator and gas should working and ready to go.
  • Pick up items around your operation that may become dangerous flying projectiles during the storm.
  • Strap down equipment such as feeders, trailers, troughs, extra paneling, irrigation pivots, etc. to prevent them from blowing away or getting destroyed.
  • Bring up animals to higher ground from low lying pastures that may flood or having standing water after the storm.
  • Animals should have proper ID in case of displacement. If necessary, spray paint your name and phone number on their sides.
  • Have emergency contacts stored in your phone (or better yet, have them written down in case you can’t charge your phone). These contacts include your local State Agricultural Response Team Leader (Extension Agent), Sheriff, Fire and Rescue, Veterinarian, Feed Mill or Feed Supplier, Health Department, Utilities, and Waste Management.
  • After the storm assessment: document damage (pictures) and repair expenses. Contact insurance with a damage report, and contact your local Farm Service Agency within 15 days to receive federal disaster aid.

Please reach out before or after the storm if your operations need anything. Our office will be in correspondence with other entities to bring in materials after the storm for those in need.


Posted: August 30, 2019

Tags: Agriculture, Highlands County, Hurricane, Livestock

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