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Q and A: With the evening rains have come the thousands of ants. What can I do to rid these pests from my home?

May 13, 2017

from N.H., in Fort Myers Answer: There are several species of ants found in or around houses in Florida. In general, the most common ants can be grouped as house infesting, yard infesting, and carpenter ants. The most commonly encountered ... READ MORE

Category: Home Landscapes, Pests & Disease
Tags: Acrobat Ant, Bigheaded Ant, Camponotus Abdominalis, Carbaryl, Carpenter Ant, Chlorpyrifos, Crazy Ant, Crematogaster Spp, Fenoxycarb, Ghost Ant, Hydramethylnon, Imported Fire Ant, Lee County, Monomorium Pharaonis, Native Fire Ant, Paratrchina Longicornis, Pharoah Ant, Pheidole Megacephala, Propoxur, Roy Beckford, Solenopsis Geminata, Solenopsis Invicta, Southwest, Sulfuramid, Tapinoma Melanocephalum

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