Dr. Karp, Professor at UC Berkley, visiting faculty at UF FRED through November 30

Dr. Larry Karp, a Professor in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at UC Berkeley came to Gainesville in September and will be here through November 30 as he spends a portion of a ten-month sabbatical visiting Food and Resource Economics at UF. His current research interests are focused on environmental and resource economics. Dr. Karp has also worked in the areas of trade policy, dynamic games, and industrial organization. His recent books are “Natural Resources as Capital” (MIT 2017) and “Lecture Notes for International Trade” (World Scientific Publishing Company 2021).


“During my time at UF, I would be happy to meet with faculty and grad students to discuss research ideas… or just to have a coffee,” Karp said. “My current research projects address the following questions: 1) Does improved information about the location of fish stocks increase the value in a fishery where congestion may be important? (Theory and Empirics) I am presenting this paper at an FRE seminar on October 12. 2) To what extent does self-interest (as distinct from intergenerational altruism) provide incentives for current generations to undertake significant GHG emissions reductions? (Theory and numerical analysis of a calibrated model) 3) How do we design a policy that induces efficient levels of abatement effort when firms have more information about their abatement costs than the regulator? How do we welfare-rank taxes and cap and trade for stock pollutants?”


Dr. Karp will be giving a seminar on Weds. October 12 titled “The value of information in a congested fishery.”


This lecture will cover research in which they modeled a fishery with potential congestion using high-resolution data from the world’s largest fishery to analytically determine the regions of parameter space where greater precision of public and/or private information increases welfare.


Dr. Karp’s seminar will be at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 12 in McCarty Hall A 1151 and live on Zoom at https://ufl.zoom.us/j/94905209707.


For more info on this and other lectures in the FRE seminar series visit our website.


Alena Poulin
Posted: October 10, 2022

Tags: Food And Resource Economics

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