Community Highlights: Teaching Adaptations

This semester, we are highlighting members of the SFRC community who have gone above and beyond in adapting with new methods of teaching, research, and Extension this past year. Do you know a student, faculty, or staff member who embodies this excellence? Nominate them here.

Shirley Baker headshotDr. Shirley Baker, Associate Professor, Molluscan Biology & Aquaculture

Nominated by Karen Alldridge, Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences graduate student

Dr. Baker‘s online course Marine Adaptations: Invertebrate Physiology was conducive in ensuring the success of students and enabling students to learn a considerable amount of information in a stress-free manner. The set up of her coursework allowed students to work in a pace that was comfortable for a variety of learning methods and provided a variety of educational tools to convey her points. She was readily available and answered questions promptly, kindly, and enthusiastically. She routinely sent out messages to the class as a means to stay present and even sent out an “Election Distractor” during the election time in case students were having anxiety (regardless of results).”


Tim Martin headshotDr. Timothy Martin, Professor, Tree Physiology

Nominated by Makayla Rutski, Forest Resources & Conservation undergraduate student

“During the spring semester, Dr. Martin transitioned our tree biology course online with very few hiccups! He was always checking in on the class to make sure we were understanding the information, providing online materials to help us learn, and making sure we were taking care of ourselves outside of our academic lives. Particularly, he managed to make lab meetings fun, interactive, and informative- despite having to speak to the camera and operate lab equipment with one hand. I feel that learning in my classes has been more difficult for me this year, but I had no problem following along with Dr. Martin’s lectures and it was one of the few classes in 2020 that I actually absorbed a significant amount of information in.”


Tim Smith, Forestry Lab Management & Operations (L)
Randy Edwards, Facilities Operations Specialist (R)

Nominated by Dr. Stephanie Bohlman, Associate Professor, Forest Ecology

“My undergraduate forest ecology class usually has a weekly 4 hour field component each week. We couldn’t do this because of COVID. Instead I had the idea to give each student a set of equipment so they could learn techniques and take data on their own. Randy and Tim were supportive right from the start and did a ton of work to make this happen. They prepared boxes with equipment and even sent equipment to students not in Gainesville with pre-paid return labels. I think the student really appreciated the chance to be out in the field even if they couldn’t do field trips. And Randy and Tim really made this happen.”


Posted: March 21, 2021

Category: Natural Resources, UF/IFAS Teaching
Tags: FAS, FRC, Students

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