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This Week in FFL

Ladybug rain barrel

This ladybug-themed rain barrel was the first one we built at Extension!

Our next event is a rain barrel workshop, held in conjunction with the City of Pensacola.  Why use a rain barrel?  These 58-gallon food grade barrels can be installed to capture rainwater off your roof and reused in a garden or yard.  During a 1-inch rainstorm, a typical home can produce 600 gallons of runoff!  With all of the rain we get in northwest Florida, there’s no point in paying twice for a free resource.  In addition, rain barrels help reduce the amount of stormwater runoff contributing to water pollution.

The workshop will meet at Bayview Park, 9 am on Saturday, June 30 for a short presentation, then build the barrels.  Cost is just $55, which covers the supplies provided.  To register, contact Jessica Bell at or 850-435-1673.