The holidays are coming… Part 2.

It’s about that time again: when gatherings abound, and traditions, expectations, stressors, memories, and new possibilities and experiences collide.

Decorating one’s home can be a long-awaited (and/or dreaded) part of preparing for the winter holidays. Neighbors can engage in some friendly, showy, festive competition through their holiday displays.

Holiday citrus wreath displayed on a fence in front of a home. Holiday wreaths, citrus fruit, oranges, lemons, picket fence.

Nevertheless, as you become wrapped up in planning, chores, and errands, then guess and second-guess the aesthetic merits of moving a particular strand of lights a couple of inches up versus down on the tree outside your house, or wonder whether your grandkids will appreciate seeing the return of the inflatable yard decorations, you will want to keep your wits about you and stay grounded. This applies whether your decorating process keeps you on terra firma or involves climbing.

Palm tree with moss at the DeLuca preserve. Photo taken 08-12-21

Many unexpected occurrences can derail the potential delight of the holiday season. Slips and falls are definitely among them.

Ask IFAS has two helpful publications on portable ladder safety and fixed ladder safety.

Additionally, Ask IFAS has several other publications geared toward older adults on the subject of fall prevention. These articles provide information on:

*Possible hazards in the home, and modifications to the home that can help reduce fall risk

*Steps to decrease the chance of further injury after a fall

*Risk factors that contribute to falls, and behaviors that can help to reduce the risk

For more ideas on navigating the holidays, check out Blogs.IFAS.

To learn more about safety in the home and aging, Ask IFAS.


Posted: November 21, 2022

Category: Health & Nutrition, Work & Life
Tags: Fall Prevention, Fall Risk, Holidays, Home, Ladders, Safety

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